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My Empowering Moment

It was a roller coaster ride, Divorce, moving, court dates, child

support, the fighting. I was D-O-N-E, done. Life had been unsettled for several years.

Going through a divorce is never easy especially with young children and I was just coming to the realization that I could manage on my own. I hadn't realized that for a long time which is why I stayed in a relationship that was not healthy for me or for the children. Once I began to believe in myself I became stronger.

I eventually met and married the man who has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. We moved to Zachary in 2014.

We built a life in Zachary while navigating many rough seas. Things such as adjustments to school, medical diagnosis, temper tantrums, making new friends, buying a house, adjusting our daily schedules were all challenges we hadn't faced all at once.

Fast forward and I find myself in a court room sitting next to my ex-husband. It was another hearing to reduce his once over $900 a month child support order to a measly $167 per month. I began to panic.

Our family relied on the money. Summer was coming up and decent summer care was over $100 a week or more. I tried to stay strong and knew something had to change. I didn't want to sell my house and the other bills we had were not very flexible. Even though I was married and had the support of a wonderful man I wanted to feel like our family could have fun and not stress over money with this recent change.

About two weeks later I was driving home and noticed a sign in the front of Keller Williams on Old Scenic Hwy announcing a Career Night. It was a Wednesday at about 4:45pm. I had a rough day and was tired and being a Wednesday, I was in casual clothing. By the time I reached the red light at Church Street I was on the phone with the Keller Williams office. I found out the time and picked up the kids and settled them at home. I told my husband my plans to attend the Career Night which was starting very soon by that time. I rushed to get ready- change clothes and take out my pony tail. As I was getting dressed I thought, maybe this was the answer. I had always loved real estate - the buying and selling process, and even did a few house flips which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I arrived at the building nervous but confident. After the presentation was over, so many thoughts went through my head, where do I get the $595 to sign up, should I talk to my husband about this decision, when will I have the time to study and still work full time, how will I transition from my current 13 year career with steady income to real estate which has no guaranteed income. I did not have all the answers but what I did know was I had to do something different if I wanted something different. I had lived so long worried about if I was going to get child support and when would be the next reduction that this was my moment. I signed up for the class that night.

I went through the 90 hours of online training quickly, studied a few weeks and I passed my exam within 6 weeks of making the decision to take the course. I think back now and that moment when I was in the court room listening to the Hearing Officer reduce the child support to less than $6 per day for my child and realized it sparked something in me. It gave me the motivation and courage to step out and take the chance. It was a significant moment in my life that empowered me to do more for myself and my family and realize that I could change my situation. It has been an adventure since then and all the pieces are falling into place. In hindsight, one of more stressful moments in my life turned into one of the most motivating and empowering ones.

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