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5 Kid-Friendly, Fun & Free things to do in Zachary, LA

Zachary Community Park - Playground & Splash Pad

The Zachary Community Park has a playground and a fun splash pad. The playground hosts a three story Mega gym of fun as well as steep slides that encourage ongoing giggles. Watch out or you will get dizzy on the merry-go-round. Wanna be a spider? Climb the spider web and reach the top.

During the spring and summer seasons the splash pad is open. It provides a cool and refreshing break from the Louisiana heat. Don't miss the Dog park a few steps away from the playground. You can often watch dogs play fetch and chase each other.

Zachary Library

Located at 1900 Church Street in Zachary with hours of operation Mon-Thur 9a-9p, Fri 9a-6p and Sun 2p-6p. The facility is 20,000 square feet and has a children's section with age appropriate computers with games. There is no age restriction so even the youngest family members can get a Library card. Make sure you bring and ID and proof of residence to get a card. A neat feature with children's card is there are no library fines for books- great for the days you can't find anything among the toys in the bedroom. ​​ The Zachary Library has books, CD's, audio books, DVD's, magazines and a reference section. If you have availability during the weekday, check out the different story times for toddler and preschoolers or even the activities they make throughout the month. There are even extracurricular classes offered to adults as well. Have you heard of the Digital Library? There is a special section for Kids with things such as study tools, online tutoring, interactive language learning, leap practice, games, books, links to explore museums online and reference resources. ​​Bonus for Moms and teens: Check out the interactive language learning called Mango Languages, online classes on Gale Courses and the job testing & skill building on Learning Express 3.0. Another bonus for teens: online driving tests exams, ACT prep, Comics, Movies, and online magazines!

Zachary Community Park- Sand Volleyball courts

Nothing brings good memories like sandy beaches and sunshine. Although Zachary is not near a beach, you can take your kids somewhere and get some sand time in.

​The Zachary Community Park has a sand volleyball area near the front of the entrance. Think afternoon "beach" stay-cation. Of course if someone is actually using them for volleyball they get first preference. Bring sunscreen and snacks and wiggle your toes in the sand.


Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt using GPS. Download the app and start the scavenger hunt. You will need to register for an account and search for the area you want. There are currently 10 geocaches on the map in Zachary. ​​Rules: if you take something from the cache then you have to put something of equal or greater value so bring a small bag of stuff to trade. Tip: comfortable shoes, snack, sunscreen and bug spray. A geocache can vary in size and shapes from Micro to very large. It may be disguised and hard to identify. Don’t forget to look under things such as rocks to find it. Once you find the cache make sure you log it in the log book with the cache. ​​Once you find the cache put it back for the next person! The fun doesn’t stop with finding a geocache, you can also hide them. You may want to find a few cache's before you hide your first one. If you do want to hide one you will have to log the cache so others can see it on the map to find it.

Zachary Community Park- Fishing Lakes

Did you know the Zachary Community Park has a huge 2.5 acre lake that is stocked with fish. Grab a pole and take the kids fishing. Don't forget your fishing license. You will find Bass in the lake but a little bird told me there are Rainbow Trout in there as well. Remember the limit on rainbow trout is 4 per day. Fishing is a perfect time to discuss water safety with the kids! Remember the sunscreen!

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