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Zachary is a city in the East Baton Rouge Parish in Louisiana. Zachary offers a 20-minute drive to downtown Baton Rouge. It is bordered to the north by the city of Slaughter, to the east by Central, and to the south by Baker.


These are just a few of the reasons why our 15,000+ residents choose to raise their families in Zachary.

  • Highest average household income in the capital region

  • "Top school district in Louisiana for 15 years in a row" - LA Department of Education

  • "Top 10 Best Towns for Families in America" - 2012, Family Circle Magazine

  • "Top 5 Best Towns for Young Families in Louisiana" 2013,

  • Ranked 2nd in 2014 for "Best Cities to Raise a Family" - CreditDonkey


The story behind Live in Zachary

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Hello future and current neighbors, friends and family ! 


In 3 short years, this website was born.   I wanted to showcase all those great things I loved about our city  and help others fall in love with Zachary as I did.  This website celebrates Zachary and all its  amazing residents.  


Below is the brief story of my journey/discovery of my beloved home of Zachary and subsequent birth of this website.   I truly hope you find it useful and I sincerely thank you for reading and visiting today. 


Relocating from New Iberia, my husband and I moved to Zachary with our young, wonderful and sometimes slightly less than enthusiastic family of five back in 2014. Relocating to another area with young children that have known nothing else and were nervous/sad to leave their familiar town, school and friends, proved both a challenging and tremendously rewarding experience for us all.  We researched several places before deciding on Zachary.  My work had me commuting to downtown Baton Rouge every day so the time of this twice daily trip played a big role in this decision. I was delighted the commute was very mild and tolerable and allowed us the best of both worlds.  Living here helped us escape the crowded hustle bustle of big town busy Baton Rouge and enjoy the  slower, down  to earth,  peace/quiet, comfort  of country living while simultaneously being a mere "stone's throw" from all the Capital City has to offer when we desired  ( put one big wonderful check mark in the "pros" column for Zachary).  The absolute pride the  citizens, business  owners and leaders have in making Zachary a wonderful and comfortable place to live is evident as you drive around town.  It is clear to see that our tax dollars are put to good use to serve us well.  The  schools ? Wow !! What a fantastic check mark  there !!! Best in the entire state for 14 straight years.

Before we made our final decision on where we would  live, I  spent hours learning about the  city, the  resources, things  to  do, residents, neighborhoods. My husband, Chris, laughed hysterically at my "fancy spreadsheets" and thoroughly organized investigation process.  (In hindsight, it is pretty hilarious).  It wasn't long before  we truly fell in love with Zachary and this continues to deepen every year we grow and live here with  you:  Our  friends, our family. 

Fast forward a little.....


 As I networked and built my Real  Estate business and began meeting my neighbors/citizens of Zachary, I discovered there was  a genuine need for a centralized resource we could all use to more fully thrive and enjoy our home/community; a place we could go to find the hidden gems (uniquely wonderful and valuable vendors, things to do, etc...) and how to live our lives most efficiently/meaningfully. 

As you explore this website and everything that Zachary uniquely has to  offer, you  will quickly see why we fell in love and called this our "Home." As I recalled the aforementioned "moving" experience, it  occurred to me how wonderful and gratifying it would be to help the next Zachary family member(s) find their way home to us.  I hope this online resource  lends some assistance to those new "family members" as they find/transition their way to  a wonderful new home.  It is also my sincere wish that  "LiveinZachary" serves my current Zachary  friends, neighbors, colleagues  well, and  helps us all more fully enjoy what our beloved town has to offer. 


A section of this site that I feel and hope will be especially meaningful is the "Word of Mouth" section - located in the Main Resources Tab.  This section is where we will gather and share those hidden gems within our community. People that offer products/services that may not be advertised or offered through traditional brick and mortar storefront.  


If you are looking for a place to hang your hat and call home, I do hope you can find room in your "spreadsheet" to fit in a trip to Zachary.  Come visit us.  Get to know us. 


Come fall in love with Zachary! 

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